Monster Legends- Tips and Tricks to earn currency

Monster Legends is a game which you can’t win without earning the currency. You have to work hard and win more battles to earn currency for unlocking the new monsters. The in-app purchase option is given by the game, and you can use the real world money in the game through the Play store and App store. It is good for you to win the battles in the early stages to start the game perfectly.

Watch the videos from YouTube to know more about the ways to earn the currency. You can make your perforce better by using these videos.

Types of currency              

Monster Legends in the game you can meet three kinds of currency and get more with Monster Legends Cheats. These all are useful in their place, and you have to collect all types of currency to play the game correctly.

  • Gems
  • Food
  • Gold

Gems – It is the premium type of money in the game, and you have to earn it by participating in many hard events. You can use it to buy the special upgrades, and it helps you to learn the new skills. It is the most important currency, and you can buy the monster and coins, food easily by spending it. There are many options available to earn it

  • Use the adventure map to participate in special fights.
  • Take help from hard events and missions.
  • Open the chests, because it is the best ways to earn the gems quickly.

Food – It is the only way to feed the monster for the battles.  The game gives you the option to use these foods to buy the new building.  You have to take help from the farms to earn these foods in high quantity. You can also use the real money to buy these. It is better for you to collect the daily rewards to receive the food freely.

Coins – You need coins in every situation in the game. It is important for every player to collect the huge amount of coins to upgrade old buildings and farms. As compare to gems it is easy to earn the coins; you can sell the small monsters and eggs of the monster.

Don’t miss the daily bonus of coins, because of it the easiest way to collect the huge amount. Collect all the small rewards of coins to upgrade all the buildings.